Why Video Marketing is so Important

Videos have become very popular in recent years, especially because of people becoming accustomed to consuming content using this easy-to-watch form of information – and there is quite a bit of it. According to statistics, YouTube has over 1 billion hours of video views every single day.

If you would like to pursue a digital marketing career, you have already discerned how powerful video marketing is as an online tool. Some businesses and individuals will be very interested in videos, specifically because they can incorporate videos into their content which can help them be more successful and competitive.

Here, experts at Ally and Mo Media explain the best practices for sharing and creating videos, and five reasons why digital marketers should consider using video as a sound marketing strategy.

Why Create Videos?

Videos are unique because of their ability to provide a real-life picture of what is happening in the world; they are also very easy to share across multiple platforms. From the consumer’s perspective, they can be extremely engaging, entertaining, and easy to digest, and marketers will find that their ROI will be extremely high.

Anyone with an internet connection will be able to access and watch videos, plus they can be produced easily. There is an ongoing trend and need for higher quality videos that are produced by professionals, and generally, anyone can learn how to get into this industry in about an hour.

Different Types of Videos

If you want to embark upon a career of video production and marketing, you should watch other videos before you decide to create your own (regardless of the content that they are representing). They should be designed for your channel, and the types of videos that you use should be perfect for social media marketing.

Here are a couple of ways that you can use the various types of videos.


There are explainer videos which can be used in conjunction with selling products or services, plus they can educate individuals about a multitude of different concepts.


Videos are useful at starting conversations, regardless of what side you are on, and you can also interview people such as influencers. Featuring guest experts is a fantastic way to get started, plus you can reuse different forms of audio when creating a podcast.


Perhaps you would like to pursue becoming a brand ambassador, one that will do videos in exchange for free products, as you are demonstrating products or doing a review on them to get free advertising. Simply find information about any product you would like to review, and if it is done properly you will have quite a few comments which will build engagement. This engagement will, in turn, allow you to get access to market research which is produced by those that are watching your videos.

Live Videos

If you want to connect with your audience more directly, live videos allow you to do this, and it is perfect for social channels.

To understand whether or not your videos are performing, you can always use search engine optimisation strategies and check your metrics regularly. Creating a library of videos is one way that you could begin, and you can use you to keep them organised as you are sending people to them through your emails and blogs.

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