The Reasons Video Marketing is so Essential

It’s not hard to envision why video content has become so popular. After all, it is so easy to digest for viewers and it offers a much-needed break from the overabundance of text-based content online. It’s no wonder why the world’s population watches over 1 billion hours of YouTube every single day.

For those looking to get into a digital marketing career, you need to have a full understanding that the power of video has when used as a marketing tool. You can gain assistance with this. This is not only the case because it can assist you in making incredible videos, but also because knowing how to incorporate videos into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is a must to remain competitive.

In this article, we will be going over some of the best practices that a digital marketer can use to develop and showcase videos. We will also be going over and highlighting 5 different reasons video is so integral to your digital marketing strategy.

Why Should You Care About Video Marketing?

Video is both versatile and engaging for users. As a result, it can effectively portray exactly what you want it to and it is highly shareable. A lot of consumers absolutely love video content because it is incredibly easy to digest and because it tends to be very entertaining and engaging. Anyone who is a marketer enjoys video as a medium because it offers such a high potential for a positive return on investment through a variety of channels.

Because you only need internet access to view and produce videos, it is highly accessible for anyone. While there is certainly an emerging trend for professional quality videos, it’s very easy and accessible to produce basic videos.

Various Types of Videos

There are a variety of different kinds of videos that you can produce on the market. To be able to produce highly effective videos for your digital marketing strategy, you really need to have a good understanding of your video’s purpose. Knowing what you want from your video will help you identify the right channel to publish it on and figure out what content it should showcase.

Here is a further breakdown of different ways you can be using various types of videos.


Explainers are effective at educating prospective customers about your product. These types of videos can be used alongside various other applications including but not limited to customer service activities and instructions.


Interviews are another option that can encourage more conversation between sides and they can even be used to highlight a special guest. If you are going to be using this video strategy to feature a guest expert, you can even get more usage out of the video by re-using the audio and marketing it in a podcast.

Product Reviews

Product reviews can easily be crafted by those seen as brand ambassadors for your business or brand. This is especially essential for a mobile app development agency. This can be a great way to leverage free content into free advertising for your business. Along with being able to promote your business without spending much on it, you will be able to find out a lot of information that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. After all, you can search through the comments and engage with people in the comment section to conduct more market research.

Live Reviews

Using live video is a great way to get more personal with your target market and it is highly effective when used on various social media platforms.

To gain a better understanding of the performance of your videos, you will want to look to integrate highly effective SEO standards into your comprehensive strategy and look to keep up with your metrics. You will be able to maintain a library of different videos with different purposes that you can continue to drip in different mediums like in your email marketing campaigns and even in your company’s blog.

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