Recruitment Agencies – How do They work?


Are you looking for a job (it does not matter if it is paid internship, part-time, or full time)? Are you finding it difficult to find a role that best suits you? Have you exhausted your local and national job boards? Have you tried to use websites such as Linked In to find a job but all in vain? Worry not because you can take advantage of recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies act as the middle man between willing employees and companies looking for employers. As such, they are looking for someone like you. A recruitment agency work is basic really: to find someone suitable for a specific job vacancy. Before reading the article you may want to see “marketing jobs in London“.

What Is The Recruitment Agency Process?

Assuming that a company is looking for a talented person like you, with your amazing skills. But they do not have the resources or time to seek a candidate directly. The next thing the said company will do is knock at the doors of a recruiting agency and make a request. For example, the request may involve finding 20 ideal candidates who are ideal for the job description.

The recruiting agency will then take on the task by first sifting through CVs available on their database and presenting them to the company. After this, the company will have to go through the shortlisted candidates and then arrange for an interview.

How To Get Involved?

There is no doubt that recruiting agencies are really good at finding a person a job. They fully understand what both the employer and the employee want. As such, they may even help the employee prepare for an interview if they manage to get one. For this reason, it is understandable that you will want to get involved. The good news is that nothing is stopping you from using more than one recruiting agency.

Therefore, how can you get involved? Well, it all starts by contacting the recruitment agencies that specialise in the industry you wish to work for. Remember, recruitment agencies are not career advisers. For this reason, if you are not sure of the industry you want to work for, it is wise taking our career test before getting started with any agency.

The moment you get in touch with them, they will either arrange for an over the phone or face to face interview. During the interview, they will ask about your salary requirement or expectations, career goals, qualifications you have, and others. The chances are you will have already sent your CV over. They may ask you questions based on your CV. So, it is wise to know everything you have written in full.

What Happens After?

The moment your CV is on their database; the recruitment agency will contact you when they find a suitable role. The primary goal of them contacting you is to seek your permission for them to send over your CV. However, it is wise to note that there are specific months of the years when it is a good time for hiring while others are not. For example, September and January are the best months to get hired, while summer and Christmas are not.

If you do not get something, consider contacting the agency after every few weeks to makes sure you are on their radar. Doing this also ensures that no opportunity passes you by. You may also decide to discuss other career paths that you may want to explore. Doing this makes you more employable. If you do not hear from them for about four weeks, consider finding another recruiting agency.

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