Is It Necessary To Have Photos And Floor Plans To Sell A Property?

Floor plans and photos continue to be important factors when it comes to selling a property. These basics have not seem to change despite the many choices that are available from PropTech startups in the United Kingdom.

Property buyers not only appreciate floor plans and photos, they expect to see them. In fact, there is some research that has estimated almost 80% of potential property buyers believe that being able to view a floor plan is absolutely necessary when they are considering buying a new property.

So, what are the reasons to include photos and floor plans when trying to sell a property?

– These tools will help to create a consistent presence for a brand
– The property can be shown at its complete potential
– These tools increase leads and provides buyers with more transparency
– Increase more interest in the property with excellent marketing and photography materials

With that said, there are still many listings through measured building surveys we see that do not have these basics. These listings do not only have poor photos and lack a floor plan, many include misinformation.

When a listing does not include photos and floor plans, there is always a risk that the amount of interest the listing attracts is limited.

While it is quite easy to say which method works best when listing a property for sale, there may actually be valid reasons why some of the tools are not available for certain properties.

The reasons why some property listings do not include floor plans and excellent photography are:

– Poor lighting or weather may make it difficult to capture a high-quality photo
– The photographer may be inexperienced and/or have improper equipment
– Time restrictions
– Miscommunication leading to problems with the home staging preparation

Keeping these issues in mind, the following are some important factors to get the most marketing potential out of any property you are trying to sell.

Tips For Drawing Floor Plans

Even though this may be up for debate, the floor plan is the major factor that sells a home. This is one reason why it is so essential that time is spent on the details. Having engineering graphing paper and a quality pencil is not enough to create floor plans that sell properties. What are some of the other things that you will need?

– Learn the right symbols and use them
– Be consistent with the measurements
– Be detailed (windows, swing direction, fixtures, doors)
– Do a final review

Now that we have covered the basics for what it takes to create impressive floor plans, the next section will focus on how to take photos that sell properties.

Realtor Photography Tips

All you have to do is take a look online to see some of the bad photos that realtors have taken of properties. Fortunately, we know how to avoid those bad photos in the first place.

When showing a property online, the visual content is extremely important. Though there are some realtors in the industry that can meet the minimal photography standards, hiring a professional photographer is the best choice.

No matter which option you choose, the path to take great photos remain the same – preparation, preparation, preparation.

– Be flexible with the angles for the internal and external photos
– Use the right equipment (ultra-wide-angle lens, tripod, DSLR camera)
– Stage the property correctly by asking the homeowner to clean up before your arrival
– Prepare the site by understanding the layout of the property so you can efficiently take the photos
– Try to take between 2 to 3 exterior photos and 8 to 10 interior photos

Do You Need Photos And Floor Plans To Sell A Property?

It could take some time and effort to create a floor plan sketch in 2D with exact measurements, a higher quality 3D floor plan that offers more valuable could be create in the same amount of time.

Is PropTech The Solution?

Each one of the stakeholders that are in the real estate industry rely on evolving technological solutions that allow them to edit images at anytime and create floor plans. Photographers, vendors, service providers and real estate agents are looking for these highly sought after innovative solutions.

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