Ethical Fashion Hacks To Help You Look Great And Save Money

Do you have concerns that you cannot fit ethical fashion in your budget? Are you concerned that making sustainable fashion choices will force you to overspend? Follow these sustainable fashion hacks and worry no more!

Tip 1: Start With Sustainable Basics

If you really want to make a difference with your wardrobe, you should begin with basics. Choosing to purchase basics that are sustainable can help you begin your ascent towards having a wardrobe entirely made up of ethically-made clothing. It can make it very convenient and easy on your wallet to begin with the basics like your socks, underwear, custom gloves, and more.

Tip 2: Fall In Love With Your Clothes

You already have a lot of different pieces in your wardrobe that can be saved. Take the pieces of clothing that you initially invested a lot of money into and bring them to a tailor. You wouldn’t believe how much life a tailor can breathe back into your favourite pieces. Best of all, these alterations and fixes won’t break the bank. You can style the exiting pieces you have with different and unique accessories to help bring new life back into them and help you fall in love with them all over again. Try to find items that you can always throw on and enjoy and wear them as much as possible.

Tip 3: Put The Power Back Into Your Hands

You will be able to breathe a lot of new life back into your wardrobe if you learn the basic life skill of sewing and repairing your clothing. There are so many different guides that you will be able to use to learn this skill. You can find guides online or even attend a class at your local community college. By taking full control over your wardrobe by learning how to adjust clothing, make alterations, and fix things, you won’t be forced to deal with clothing that doesn’t fit right. You will grant yourself all of the power needed to be able to tweak things the way you like and get optimal use out of your entire wardrobe.

Tip 4: Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

Prior to reaching into your wallet to buy something brand new, you should be asking yourself a few questions: How much do I intend on wearing it? How much do I own already? How long are these pieces going to last? Try to resist the urge of buying clothing just because it is cheap. Instead, you want to opt for clothing that is of higher quality. This will not only ensure that your wardrobe isn’t cluttered with low-quality pieces, but it can help reduce the total amount you end up spending and how much you consume by a significant amount. You will be able to invest in clothing that lasts longer. While shopping at retailers that sell ethical clothing might have a higher upfront cost, it can reduce the amount of money you end up spending in the long run and it can reduce the negative impact you have on the environment at the same time.

Tip 5: Shop Outside Of The Box

If you aren’t already taking advantage of the incredible opportunity to find gems at your local thrift stores, you should be doing so. This can be a treasure trove for those that want to find fashion at bargain-bin prices. Research shows that rescuing even a single kilogram of pre-used clothing from a landfill can end up saving nearly 3.6 kilograms of CO2 emissions and a whopping 6,000 litres of water consumption. Follow the major tip from fashion stylist and thrift shop specialist Faye De Lanty who says that you should always look to shop the entire store instead of only your section as you will be able to find some hidden and out of place gems that you would have otherwise glossed over.

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