Do Floor Plans and Photos Truly Help Sell a Property?

Both high-quality photos and detailed floor plans continue to be one of the essential tools to utilise in property marketing. Despite new choices being presented from UK PropTech start-ups, like floorplansUsketch this basic idea hasn’t seen much change.

A would-be buyer expects to see these things as standard in property listings with the research indicating that 81% believe a floor plan is absolutely essential when attempting to find a new property.

So you might be wondering, why exactly do you need high-quality floor plans and photos to sell a property?

1. It helps to showcase the property in it’s best light.

2. It maximises interest in the property through high-quality photography and good marketing materials.

3. Improved transparency and a boost in qualified leads.

4. It helps improve brand consistency.

That being said, we still see a lot of the listings on the marketplace fail to provide basic fundamentals of a good listing. They have inaccurate details, poor quality photos and missing floor plans.

There is a significant risk that the absence of a high-quality floor plans and photography can result in a decrease in interest in the property.

It can be fairly easy to point out the best strategy, but there might be reasons why a specific asset isn’t available.

Why doesn’t every single property have these things including detailed floor plans and high-quality photography?

1. There are sometimes time constraints that force the seller’s hands.

2. The agent might not have the requisite experience to do it themselves and they might also lack the professional equipment.

3. Poor weather conditions can negatively impact the quality of the photos.

4. Ineffective communication can lead to poor results when it comes to the home staging process.

With some of these things being kept in mind, we have gone ahead and chosen a few tips to focus on in order to help you get the best marketing results out of the property you are spending time, energy, and money on.

Agent Photography Tips

You can find a lot of different poor quality real estate agent photos by conducting a basic internet search. However, there are simple ways to avoid having these poor quality results.

Having optimal visual content is crucial if you want to elevate the perception of a property online and while a lot of agents might be able to produce good enough results, having professional photographers complete it for you, it will enable the best results.

For each route that you might take, preparation is everything.

1. Proper Staging – Always ask the owner of the home to organise everything and to clean up before you show up.

2. Prepare the Site – Have a good idea of the existing layout to give priority to specific areas that need attention.

3. Gain Access to the Right Equipment – Get yourself some high-quality and professional-grade photography equipment if you will be taking the photos on your own.

4. Mess with Angles – You want to mess around with the angles to try to manipulate the shots to ensure you are putting the property in the best light.

5. Get Enough Shots – You want to try to take at least 2 to 3 shots of the home’s exterior and 8 to 10 shots of the home’s interior.

Now that we have gone over some of the basics that you can use to optimise your photography efforts, the next thing we will focus on will be maximising your floor plan designs

Having good quality floor plans will be crucial in your effort to sell a property. The floor plans that are included should be done with more than engineering graph paper. While that’s a good place to start, you want more for the best results.

1. You want to have access to a laser measuring device to ensure that you are able to place appropriate measurements on it.

2. Take consistent measurements with each room and floor.

3. Include as many details as possible including but not limited to the number of doors, windows, fixtures and more.

4. Use the appropriate symbols.

5. Complete a final check.

While producing a 2D floor plan sketch with the right measurements might take a good amount of effort, you will benefit even more from a 3D floor plan. It can take nearly the same amount of time and deliver greater value to selling the property.

Is PropTech the Answer?

If you are looking to optimise your efforts to sell property, you need creative, efficient and effective tech solutions to be able to create floor plans and edit them all on-the-go. Many professionals including but not limited to estate agents, photographers, and vendors are seeking out these new and improved solutions with great results.

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