9 Ways to Cheaply Improve Your Kitchen

Achieving a modern space can still be done on a small budget when clever ideas are put in place to achieve a quick and pleasing result. Understand these quick tips to achieve high quality and affordable updates.

1. Use the Existing Layout of Your Kitchen

The cost will be reduced considerably when the existing layout is used. A large amount of money will be spent if you decide to move walls, electronics, cupboards, plumbing, and other vital parts of your home. The more that can be done yourself, the less money spent.

2. Re-use Your Appliances

Appliances that are working in good condition can be reused. Giving them a good going over with an abrasive gentle cleaner can help you keep money that would be spent on a new tap.

3. Paint

Painting the home is an excellent way to begin a low-budget project. An instant flash of colour can lighten any gloomy and dull space. Bright, neutral, or white colourshttps://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/171910910751135455/ provide the best result.

A tannin blocker and stain must be applied if you’re applying paint to a timber panelling. A local hardware store should provide you with proper advise on this. They can also recommend the correct type of paint to complete your kitchen project.

4. Upcycle Existing Furniture

Sprucing up an op-shop table can be conveniently done while you have your paintbrush out. Completing the task by standardising mismatched chairs with a code of paint can create the look of a dining suite. All will match when using the same colour!

5. Cabinet Makeover

It’s time to move on to the kitchen cabinets. If they still have their proper structure but are dated or an unpleasant colour, it’s easy to either apply a coat of paint or have them replaced. Replacing the hardware or drawer fronts can also be done for a small fraction of what it would cost to have all the cabinetry replaced.

Regardless of timber or laminate type, it’s possible to find a a paint that looks well suited. The majority of kitchen cabinets are standard in size. Due to this, finding doors that can be fitted should be easy. If you feel that painting all the doors yourself would be too exhausting, consider the small cost of having a professional job done by a spray-painting service. It may cost quite a bit less than a door replacement. The finish looks professional and hard-wearing.

6. Remove Cupboard Doors

The removal of doors from your over-bench cabinets or replacement with open shelving can offer a modern look quick and cheaply. Adding colour and interest can be easily done by applying a line of colourful paper.

7. A New Benchtop

There are a few options to consider if your splashback or benchtop is not what it once was. While replacing them seems like a good option, you have access to a multitude of low-cost alternatives that are great for DIY. A range of excellent products can aid in resurfacing them, many of which are available at Bunnings Warehouse or Zen Stone.

8. Paint a Tiled Splashback

Tile paint can give a tiled splashback a fresh look. Transforming your benchtop can be done by using a resurfacing kit that can obtain numerous ‘stone look-a-like’ finishes.

9. Renew Powerpoints and Light Fittings

A small amount of money should be spent to get new window coverings, power-point covers, light fittings, and light switches.

Spending a fortune on a new kitchen isn’t necessary when you use the right technique.

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