9 Kitchen Remodelling Hacks When Working On A Budget

Sometimes, you may want to renovate your kitchen to give it a more modern look but cannot make any huge changes because of budgetary constraints. Below, we have outlined some useful ideas on how you can get the kitchen of your dreams with a minimal budget.

1. Do not change the current layout of your kitchen

Knocking down walls in your kitchen can hike remodelling costs astronomically. Instead of overhauling your electrical and plumbing system, why not just move items around? Renovating without engaging expert help can help you save a lot of bucks. Visit a kitchen showroom in Surrey to have an idea of the finished look you desire.

2. Do not throw out functional appliances

Only buy new appliances if you have to. If your old appliances still work, simply scrub them clean and use them until you can afford spanking new ones.

3. Do not be afraid to use paint

With the right coat of paint, you can add colour to a gloomy room easily and affordably. To make your kitchen appealing, give your window frames, door, walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint.

When painting surfaces made of wood, ensure that you first stain them. Consider visiting the local hardware to get advice on the best staining agent and paints to use in your kitchen.

4. Spruce up the space using existing furniture

Instead of throwing out old or mismatched furniture, let your creative flag fly, move things around and watch your kitchen transform.

5. Change the look of your cabinets

If you own kitchen cabinets that are still in great condition, why dig deep in your pocket to replace them when you could make them look like new by simply giving them a new coat of paint or repairing small damages?

You can easily do minor repairs on your cabinets without engaging a professional. Additionally, in the market, you will not lack a coat of paint that will blend with common materials used to create cabinets such as laminate or wood. If the prospect of painting your cabinets sounds daunting, you can engage a professional painter and make lacklustre cabinets look appealing instead of spending hundreds of pounds on a total overhaul.

6. Change the style of cupboards

Another great way to add some space to your kitchen is to remove the doors to kitchen cabinets. This will give you more space to style your kitchen. You can also add some funk to the ensemble by adding colourful paper to the back of the cabinets.
7. Consider adding a new benchtop

If you are currently using a worn-out bench top, consider getting a replacement. You can choose to make yourself a new benchtop or acquire a low-cost design from local stores.

8. Consider painting a splashback made of tiles

If your colour on your tiled splashback does not match with your desired d├ęcor theme, simply give it a new coat of paint. You can even choose a finish that makes it look like it is made of stone!

9. Change your light fittings and other power-points to suit the new style

To give your new kitchen an alluring makeover, consider changing your light fittings, light switches as well as the covers on your windows.

To give your kitchen that modern look and feel you have always desired, you may have to spend a fortune but who says you have to?!

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