6 Important Pointers for Choosing the Best and Finest Silver Jewelry

Are you looking for some advice on buying quality silver?

Silver is a beautiful precious metal but finding the highest quality silver, like finding that perfect pewter pitcher or getting just the right shade of rose gold, can be a difficult task. There are literally thousands of outlets available online and it can be hard to choose the sellers who will be offering you genuine products.

But, it is important to know that you can most certainly buy top quality silver jewellery if you know what you are doing. In the following article you will find some pointers on finding the best deals when you are purchasing silver.

1. Check the Price of the Best Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver is a valuable metal and the first indication that you are purchasing this superior value you will be the increased price. One way to be sure that you are actually getting a top quality silver item is by comparing its price to other similar items.

2. Talk to the Seller

This is not always a possibility when purchasing silver online but if you do get a chance to speak with the seller, this is a major advantage.

If you speak with a honest purveyor of costly silver jewellery, you will be able to ask many questions about the prices, silver sources and hallmarks of their items. This is a good opportunity to get the answers you really want so come prepared.

If you can find out about physical locations this is also a good thing. If the store you are buying from has a physical location this is a sign that you are dealing with honest professionals.

3. Silver-Grade Specifications or Hallmarks

Genuine silver products have special markings that signify their authenticity. These markings are often very small and located in a hidden section of the silver jewellery, you will need a flashlight and a magnifying lens to properly identify the markings.

If you have already bought the silver product, you can use this method to properly identify your product as a pure silver craft. Sterling silver will typically say “sterling” or .925.

4. Perform a Test of Purity

Then there are some tests you can perform on the piece of jewellery itself that you can use to check the purity of your silver product. Don’t worry; this test will not damage your item in any way. All you will need is a powerful magnet.

You can test the piece of jewellery to see if it is magnetic in any way, even on the smallest level. Silver is not a magnetic metal and if your jewellery clings to the magnets, then you may not have nickel or some other metal that is not silver.

Be sure that you are using a very powerful magnet or it may not be strong enough to actually test the magnetic attraction of your piece. A regular refrigerator magnet may not be sufficient to test this.

5. Get an Appraisal

If you are still not sure about the authenticity of your piece of jewellery, you can always have the item appraised. Take your silver jewellery to an expert appraisal for a professional perspective on your jewellery. You will probably have to pay for this, but if you are serious about knowing if your item is pure sterling silver, it is an important step.

6. Be Cautious when Purchasing Online

You will find a wide range of options available to you when you are searching for top-quality sterling silver jewellery, but not all of these are honest so it pays to exercise caution. The best silver jewellery providers will have a physical location where they do business. Be sure to keep all these pointers in mind when shopping for silver jewellery.

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